Trail News / Field Survey Work with Inyo National Forest

Field Survey Work with Inyo National Forest

Lakes Basin and Sherwins Area Trail Enhancement Project

Here is Kaiya identifying and recording a newly discovered heritage site. Our trail corridor is located at a safe distance to avoid impacts.

The Mammoth Ranger District of the Inyo National Forest is working with the Town of Mammoth Lakes to implement trail improvements in the Lakes Basin and Sherwins Area to provide diverse trail-based recreational opportunities near the Town of Mammoth Lakes while protecting natural and cultural resources. We are working with resource specialists to identify and avoid any sensitive resources. Today we worked with Kaiya and Adam with Inyo National Forest to begin critical field survey work. If and when Kaiya identifies a resource and it is avoidable, we redesign the trail corridor to avoid the resource. This is a proven method for sustainable trail design. As we work together, we set the stage for a project that sits well on the landscape while providing sustainable infrastructure for healthy outdoor recreation.  

By working with resource specialists in the field, we are able to design a trail that avoids sensitive resources using science and people who are specifically tasked with identifying opportunities and constraints.  

We will keep you updated as we proceed with the good work on the ground.

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